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Loïc suggests the invisibilities of this world, those that are nestled in this life that could be described as «daily» through the magic and emotion that film photography translates. He never ceases to experiment this medium with all the possibilities that digital offers today in realisation.

Mainly influenced by documentary photography, he exploited this field during his travels in Europe and Palestine. He graduated at the Neue Schule fur Fotografie school in Berlin in 2017, where he developed his project «Touche d'Espoir» within the association SkatePal. 

His "coup de coeur" was instantaneous and his project took place over 5 years.

Loïc has since focused his work on the theme of Childhood.

To do this he immerses himself in the closest to his subject by working, and training, in the job of specialist educator for the «Childhood Protection».
Today he is signing his new project entitled “Dans le silence”, an intimate work that highlights domestic and parental violence, as well as the long road to resilience.

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